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Everyday through thought, word and deed

          you are laying a stone in the foundation of your life...

Woman Standing on Dock
Woman Standing on Docks

What are you building?

Everyday through thought, word and deed
you are laying a stone in the foundation of your life...

What are you building?

Rarely do we seek counseling when the waters are calm. Rather, we tend to embark on such a journey amidst the storm, when we have run the course of what we know to do, when the struggles continue despite our best efforts. It can take months or years to arrive at this place, to reach for help, to be open to exploring new possibilities and new perspectives. 

Such willingness often occurs where frustration (at the current state of affairs), courage (to risk trying something new,) and hope (for a better future) converge. No matter how difficult things may be at the moment, give yourself credit for making your way here to read these words and for contemplating a new course. By doing so you have moved one step closer to the solution, one step further on the path of growth, evolution, and change, a path that can lead to greater peace and sustainable well-being. Now all you need to do is to cross the threshold. 


"Things don't change; we change"  Henry David Thoreau


We cannot change the past but I can help you to identify, challenge, and take control over how that past influences your life today. There may be things in your present as well that are painful and unchangeable (i.e. the loss of a loved one; diagnosis of an illness; the perspectives and choices of other people). I can help you differentiate between what is and is not in your control, help you to change what you can and better manage those things that you cannot change leading to greater effectiveness and less emotional fall-out. Together we can identify and challenge the thoughts and actions that contribute to depression and compound anxiety, and thus liberate you from the sense of helplessness and hopelessness that is the greatest obstacle to growing forward. And together we can evolve the internal and external resources that will help you thrive even in the face of those challenges.

As a insight oriented therapist my goal is to help you awaken to your life in ways that allow you to make choices about who you are and where you are headed. As a cognative-behavoiral therapist I can help you unearth long-standing and unchallenged patterns that negatively influence your life. As a psychotherapist with an advance degree in Applied Positive Psychology, you will learn evidence based strategies designed not only to relieve suffering but to help you live your best possible life. And as a team we will map the course together, identify strengths and weaknesses, evaluate what is and is not working, shift from reacting to responding, and create a plan so that you can manifest the life you desire and deserve.

If you are ready to explore new ideas and skills, accept a different kind of support, guidance, and encouragement, develop the tools necessary to flourish in life, and chart the course together, it would be my privilege to take this journey with you.


Change begins the minute we step outside of our ordinary to embark on something new. You have the power to begin that change now... 

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