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Rarely do we seek counseling when the waters are calm. Rather, we tend to embark on such a journey amidst the storm, when we have run the course of what we know to do, when the struggles continue despite our best effort(s). It can take months or years to arrive at this place, to reach for help, to be truly open to exploring new perspectives and possibiities. 

Such willinesness often occurs where frustration (at the current state of affairs), courage (to risk trying something new,) and hope (that change is possible) intersect. Give yourself credit for what you have done to arrive at this point, and then let yourself cross the threshold; be willing to try a new course. By doing so you move one step closer to the solution, one step further on the path of personal growth, a path that can lead to greater peace and well-being. 

As Thoreau said: Things don't change; we change. While we cannot change the circumstances of the past, I can help you to identify and challenge how that past influences your life today. While there are many things in the present that cannot be altered, even through therapy, (i.e. the loss of a loved one; others' perspectives and choices), I can help you to objectively differentiate between what is and what is not in your control, and to develop the skills required to grow, to heal and to manage effectively in the face of that reality.  I can help you identify and challenge thinking that contributes to depression and perspectives that compound anxiety, and thus liberate you from the sense of helplessness and hopelessness that so often holds us back. Together we can evolve the internal and external resources and cultivate the resilience necessary to meet the challenges of your life head-on.

As a insight oriented therapist my goal is to help you identify and live to your highest possible potential. As a cognative-behavoiral therapist I can help you unearth long-standing behavior and thought patterns that negatively influence your life and hold you back. As a team we can map out the course, evaluate what is and is not working, and design a plan to help you arrive at the life you desire and deserve.

If you are ready to explore new ideas and skills, to accept a different kind of support, guidance, encouragement, to develop the tools necessary to thrive, and to chart the course, I look forward to working with you.

My practice includes work with individuals, traditional and non traditional couples, dyads, triads and small groups, adults (ages 18 and up), who are in life and/or business relationships (including those seeking KAP services), who are ready to resolve the struggle(s) and evolve the possibilities. 

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